Capability + Experience

Kufan’s systematic, disciplined and conservative approach to financial management has led to Kufan’s steady financial position.

Staffing and Recruitment

As an established Iraqi business, Kufan has an operational Human Resource (HR) department that reports via Mr Salah Yousif, Kufan’s Director of Finance and Administration.

Kufan’s HR department is staffed with experienced HR Team members who manage the recruiting processes, screening, and vetting that allows Kufan to manage larger projects which require high staff numbers. For example, the project for Al-Mamoun Telecommunication Complex required more than 1600 workers that was controlled by Kufan.

Kufan also has established infrastructure, resources, and relationships across Iraq and can assist large-scale deployment of teams.

Kufan also offers onboarding of essential personnel which includes the recruiting and vetting of subcontractors. For example, Kufan can provide a screening process at the early stages of mobilization with particular attention given to subcontractors and leadership positions.

Vetting of recruits and Subcontractors in Iraq’s austere conditions is very important to reduce risks not only in the quality of work and efficiency but also with security.

Capacity to Manage Multiple Simultaneous Projects

Kufan’s apply its established resources, infrastructure, and available engineering and financial capacity to manage all future projects.

As an established, responsible Iraqi contractor with over $160 million worth of completed projects in Iraq, Kufan has the current resources, capabilities, facilities, and capacity to manage and deliver multiple simultaneous design and construction projects.

With Kufan’s ongoing projects operating smoothly, Kufan’s in-house engineering and construction operations teams have available current capacity to manage additional projects.

Financial Security

Kufan’s systematic, disciplined and conservative approach to financial management has led to Kufan’s steady financial position.

Kufan’s stable financial position enables Kufan to obtain preferred financing terms which is a critical advantage within Iraq that enables Kufan to acquire resources and materials quickly and at a reasonable cost

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