Quality Control

Kufan uses a system of  Total Quality Management system of quality assurance and control which integrates lessons learned in Iraq’s dynamic conditions.

In addition to leading Kufan’s executive team, Maythem Al-Asadi also serves as Kufan’s director of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE).

Mr Al-Asadi’s strategic vision is realized via a total quality management approach that integrates quality-oriented cultural philosophies, management practices, strategic partnerships and tools. Kufan’s integrated commitment – realized at every level of the Kufan organization – enables Kufan to seamlessly weave quality into every aspect of Kufan’s work.

His Excellency the Iraqi Telecommunication Minister Mr M. Alawai during his site visit to Al-Mamoun Telecommunication Complex in Baghdad (Dec 2009) – Listening to Kufan Project Management Team in a tour at the site, explaining Kufan’s Construction Quality Assurance Processes and Management.

Structured for Success: Kufan’s Quality Control Organization


In addition to Kufan’s demonstrated experience delivering quality construction projects, Kufan’s quality commitment is evident in Kufan’s Quality Management System (QMS) that consists of Kufan’s Quality Manual, Kufan’s quality control processes (QCPs) and Kufan’s quality auditing procedures (QAPs). Kufan’s QMS provides the overarching strategic framework that guides Kufan’s quality delivery throughout every aspect of Kufan’s operations.

Kufan Leadership Team’s QMS Responsibilities and Activities

Kufan Leadership Team’s Activities Quality Control Benefits
Develop the vision for quality and integrate quality success factors into processes, personnel and Kufan’s corporate culture. Kufan’s management, employees and subcontractors understand Kufan’s vision for quality and are aligned with the clients’ quality objectives.
Communicate the Kufan leadership team’s quality vision to management, employees and subcontractors at every opportunity. Consistent, repetitive quality references effectively educate personnel and reinforce Kufan’s quality commitment to ensure that the Kufan team is aligned to deliver quality workmanship.
Ensure Kufan’s employees and subcontractors understand the quality manual and associated processes and are empowered to act accordingly The entire project team is aligned to meet client quality expectations and achieve Kufan’s quality objectives
Maintain an environment and culture which articulates the connection between quality-focused behaviour and success, encourages quality workmanship and rewards QA/QC contributions. Quality is institutionalized in Kufan’s corporate culture – helping to ensure that quality is integrated into every project activity. Kufan’s quality management capabilities are shared with subcontractors, contributing to a to quality-oriented culture in the local community.

At the project level, Kufan develops a specific Quality Control Plan (QCP) for each project that outlines the activities Kufan will undertake to achieve the project’s quality requirements. The QCP is collaboratively developed by the project’s manager and the project’s delivery team (e.g. program manager, engineering manager and controls manager) and is ultimately reviewed and approved by Mr Maythem Al-Asadi.

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