Health & Safety

We far exceed industry averages by implementing culturally integrated health and safety practices.

Exceeding Industry Averages

Kufan’s integrated cultural committment to Health, Safety, and the Environment enabled us to exceed international health and safety metrics over the past five years.

Through culturally integrated health and safety practices, we have been able to far exceed industry averages for metrics such as Lost Time to Injury (LTI).


Driving Safety Forward

Kufan’s Keys to Success

  • Thorough HSE Training
  • Annual HSE Refreshers
  • Global Best Practices
  • Culture of Safety
  • Proactive Prevention
  • Employee Empowerment

Reporting Quality and Records Retention

Kufan recognizes that effective data, document, and records management is a vital component of project success. The quality of safety, procurement, cost and schedule documents is ultimately the responsibility

of Kufan’s project manager, supported by Kufan’s CQC system manager, engineers, and project team. Kufan proposes to staff the client’s quality control activities as shown in Figure 4 to ensure that proper quality checks and reviews yield timely and accurate reporting, documentation and records management. Kufan will also leverage its strategic relationship with U.S.-based English language specialists to ensure the highest English language quality for documents required in English.

Kufan have deployed in 2011 (Al-Mamoun Telecommunication Complex) a highly specialized e-Document Management & Correspondence System from Aconnex. The system was beneficial for all project stakeholders (Client and Subcontractor Personnel) with collaboration and archiving all documents generated for the project (e.g. Material Submittals, RFI, Engineering Drawings & Mods, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports ..etc)


Kufan have completed over 7.5 million man-hours of Iraq construction without a major accident. Kufan’s integrated cultural commitments to safety and quality manifested through Kufan’s HSE “High Awareness” efforts, Kufan leadership’s commitment to HSE and Kufan’s proactive approach to accident prevention – led by Eng Kawa Agha – all contributed to achieving this milestone. Eng Kawa Agha is responsible for Kufan’s Health and Safety program and reports directly to Kufan’s president.

Kufan’s new hires are required to attend a full day of HSE orientation training on their first day with the company and attend annual HSE refresher training. Kufan’s HSE database, maintained since 2004, captures data related to “near misses” for HSE analysis and corrective action. Kufan’s employees and subcontractors are empowered to stop work if they witness noncompliant activities.

In addition to the positive health and welfare benefits to Kufan’s employees and project stakeholders, Kufan’s safety commitment helps protect lives and property, reduce insurance costs, avert liability claims, improve schedules and build productivity and morale, all of which contribute to Kufan’s clients’ success.

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