Founder of our group, Mr Hamza Al-Asadi, with B.A Of Economics from Baghdad University back in 1954, he started his career advancement in Banking and Finance (Federal Bank Of Lebanon in Iraq). in early 1965. Being a young & ambitious entrepreneur he started his first adventure in business with an (Automatic Dairy Processing Factory).

After years of successful operations, he started a new adventure in the construction of Textile Mills in Hilla for Ministry Of Industry. His successes continued till socio-economic challenges started to surface out in Iraq during the late seventies where his business expansions went to a different area (paper industries & packaging).

The paper & packaging business was his main line during the eighties with interest in exploring new avenues for investment in Iraq. This business was alive for a short period of time, the political instability and the continuous regional conflicts led to the halt of all industrial projects in Iraq until 2003.

After 2004, the Kufan Group was born. A leading group of engineers in various fields headed by Mr Maythem Al Asadi , a dedicated ambitious engineer with a vision to lead the efforts towards the rebuilding of Iraq.