Infrastructure Management

Kufan can assist you with the managing and maintaining of your infrastructure so you can:

  • Receive the best possible level of service and expertise
  • Mitigate asset management risk
  • Achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership
  • Manage contracts via multiple vendors
  • Utilise a single point of contact for all your maintenance contracts

Kufan has accreditation within Iraq to assist you in maintaining your infrastructure. We act as the first point of contact for support and maintenance of your assets throughout Iraq.

We offer reliable advice for refreshing your infrastructure, backed by decades of experience. With just one dedicated point of contact, you reduce the time and resources spent on managing contracts with different vendors.

Kufan offers a range of services to suit your business requirements. We can:

  • Audit the assets in your infrastructure environment.
  • Perform clean-up operations or once off maintenance programs.
  • Accurately plan for and forecast upcoming renewals to give you budget certainty.
  • Review contracts to reduce asset management risks.
  • Consolidate and align most of your maintenance contracts into one common end date for easy budget management.

We can also offer end-to-end management and maintenance of your infrastructure. We can:

  • Provide engineering services to help with technical issues
  • Update your infrastructure with regular maintenance programs
  • Schedule health and performance checks or implement scheduled¬†audits.
  • Dispose end-of-life equipment and provide options for repurposing assets with a useful life.

Book a call with Kufan to discuss how we can assist you in the management or maintenance of your assets within Iraq.