Management Team

In-depth engineering & project management experience

Mazin H. Al-Asadi. PE (Chairman Of Board Of Directors)

Mazin Al-Asadi, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, leads Kufan’s program management activities.

Mr. Mazin Al-Asadi’s role includes managing the day-to-day operations, coordinating activities between different field sites,    managing equipment and personnel logistics and ensuring schedule control. Mr. Al-Asadi also coordinates the design and engineering departments with construction and maintenance operations, reviews and revises internal operational standards, provides internal technical review and collaborates with the leadership team during vision, strategy and guidelines development.

Mr. Al-Asadi has over 30 years of engineering and management experience including project management experience at Houston’s Intercontinental Airport (IAH) on infrastructure projects that included runways, taxiways, roads, parking lots and underground airport utilities. Additional Houston Intercontinental airport responsibilities included managing operations and maintenance service contracts, monitoring daily service contractor activities, acting as a liaison between the Houston Airport System and contractors, responding to maintenance emergencies, compiling and analyzing financial data for budget preparation and providing specifications development.

Mr. Al-Asadi earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University and gained his Professional Engineering License in Texas in 1998.

Maythem H. Al-Asadi (President & QHSE Director)

As President of Kufan, Mr. Al-Asadi leads the executive management team responsible for developing the firm’s long-term strategic vision, developing the objectives and plans that support the strategic vision, continuously identifying improvement areas and applying best practices to improve quality, services and processes. Mr. Al-Asadi’s visionary leadership, along with the Kufan leadership team’s commitment to achieving customer requirements, delivering quality results and sharing knowledge to enable sustainable local capabilities helps Kufan deliver high quality infrastructure and facilities under challenging conditions.

With an engineering & project management experience of more than 20 years, Mr Al-Asadi led and directly managed construction and infrastructure projects in Iraq of more than $150 Million.

Before founding Kufan, Mr. Al-Asadi led Schlumberger business units in Europe, the Middle East and India, where he gained   extensive international business experience in engineering, construction, information technology and telecommunications.

Mr. Al-Asadi received his B.Sc. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Baghdad’s University of Technology and his M.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering from the United Kingdom’s De Montfort University

Yasir Al-Marayatee (Schedule and Program Control Director)

Mr. Al-Marayati is responsible for project control, including scheduling and financial control. Before joining Kufan, Mr. Al-Marayati was a project control specialist with Washington International, Inc. where he was responsible for the Nassiriah Drainage Pump Station water resources project of the Iraqi water reconstruction program. On the Nassiriah drainage pump station project, Mr. Al-Marayati’s specific responsibilities included processing and tracking project costs, such as materials purchasing, employee salaries and subcontractor payments. Mr. Al-Marayati is an expert with Primavera’s P3 enterprise project management software, with which Kufan proposes to manage the Termporary Facilities Work project.

Mr. Al-Marayati also has extensive experience with information technology infrastructure, Internet Protocol (IP) networking, computer-driven systems automation and satellite communications. Mr. Al- Marayati leads Kufan’s fusion of information systems, systems engineering and industrial engineering into modern management practices by applying his distinct set of cross-functional skills. Mr. Al-Marayati earned his B.S. in Information Engineering from the University of Baghdad’s Engineering school in 2003.

Rami Faraj (Operations Director)

Qusay Hameed  , PHD (Engineering and Design Director)

Dr. Qusai Hameed leads Kufan’s engineering and design practice. Dr. Hameed has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in civil and structural engineering. Before joining Kufan, Dr.

Hameed served as a consulting engineer and led the Structural Engineering Department at Baghdad’s

Al-Mustansiriya University College of Engineering. Dr. Hameed’s roles within Al-Mustansiriya University have also included membership in the College of Engineering’s Board, membership in the Structural Enginnering Research Center’s Board and Head of Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Advisory.

Dr. Hameed earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering from Al-Mustansiriya University, respectively. Dr. Kadori earned his PhD in Civil & Structural Engineering from Baghdad University.

James Angelus (Public Relations Ex-Director)

Mr. Angelus is our representative in Dubai , he is in charge of marketing and public relations . He looks after the Kufan Group interests with vendors and clients .

Qusay Hameed  , PHD (Engineering and Design Director)

Dr. Hameed is our head of Engineering and Design . He gets the credit for all the achievements and success we get in the construction sector . His guidance and dedication to his work makes him an important asset to the group .

Salah Yosuf (Financial Director)

Mr. Yousuf  manages all related financial issues with the banks and monitors expenditures in all projects , coordinates payments to sub contractors and vendors and maintains relationship with all financial institutions .

James Angelus (Public Relations Ex-Director)

Mr. Angelus is our representative in Dubai , he is in charge of marketing and public relations . He looks after the Kufan Group interests with vendors and clients .

Hayder Shanan (South Iraq/BLC Operations Director)

A relatively young and very dynamic , Mr. Shanan is our Project Manager in the South . He looks after all Projects in South Iraq . His experience in the Electro Mechanical work makes him a valuable asset on Oil related projects in Basra .

Muna Zalzala (Human Resources Director)

With over 20 years of experience handling labor related issues , Ms. Zalzala is a competent person in the human resources field .