Basra Logistics City (Kufan’s Logistics Hub)

Founded and managed by Kufan Group, Basra Logistics City (BLC) is Iraq’s largest, most equipped and most secure logistics facilities in the country. This well secured structure was first built and utilized by the British Army back in the second decade of the 19th century as a logistics hub and as a military camp for British forces. In 2003, Coalition forces lead by the United States Army rebuilt the site as Camp Bucca, a staging area & a main re-distribution hub.

Camp Bucca was handed back to the Iraqi Government in 2010 and tendered to the business community as an investment opportunity under a 40-year lease, to develop Iraq’s largest and most sophisticated logistics city.

Kufan Group was awarded the lease in 2011 and has invested heavily to prepare for its first residents in 2012.

BLC is a dedicated, domestic, logistic Integrated service provider – this will include all Point of Entry Clearing Services, Storage, Transportation, Tracking, Heavy & Over-sized cargo handling, Procurement & Inventory Management & Many Innovative Ideas that fits the every changing Iraqi environment.

Logistics & Storage Services

  • Government Relationship Management
  • Customs clearance
  • Transportation (From Port – BLC & BLC – Client Final Destination)
  • Vendor Management
  • Handling of Assets
  • Insurance (Assets)
  • Inventory Management & Optimization
  • Documentation & Certificates Control
  • Equipment Rental
  • Travel Management (Entry Visa, Airport  Reception),
  • Company registrations, permits and legal filings

Construction & Furnishing Of Man Camps

Design, Construction, & Furnishing of a large Man Camp for the Iraqi Army in Baghdad “Camp Justice” Capacity: 1900 Personnel.


Design, Construction, & Furnishing of BHI Man Camp in Halfaya Oil Field.
Capacity : 92 Personnel
Followed with Facility Management & O&M Services


Design, Construction, & Furnishing of Shell/BGC Man Camp in Um Qasr.
Capacity : 25 Management Suits & 12 Security Personnel
Followed with Facility Management & O&M Services


Design, Construction, & Furnishing of Weatherford Man Camp in Um Qasr.
Capacity : 120 Personnel
Followed with Facility Management & O&M Services


C. Facility Management Services (Facility Maintenance, Catering and Life Support)

Kufan Group, offers full Facility Management Services and life Support through a sister company, fully owned by Kufan “Molk International”.

Molk International was established back in July 2012, after acquiring the Iraqi Unit of CIS-Catering. A team of highly skilled and well trained staff was the main core of Molk. In a short transition, Molk was managing 3 large camps, and delivering more then 1000 Meal/Day. Over the past 5 years, Molk team was serving successfully oil and gas leading companies such as, Shell, Weatherford, BHI, Saipem, AHAK, HLG, GE and others


Client : Basra Logistics City (Shell, Weatherford, GE, Ahak, Saipem, HLG ..)

  • Power Generation and Maintenance Of more then 20 Generator set of various capacities and power. (also optimizing power usage and fuel consumption)
  • Water Treatment O&M, for BLC consumption and supply of potable water to city of Um Qasr every Tuesday or every week (Pumping 65,000M3 every Tuesday)
  • Waste Disposal and Management
  • Life Support and Catering For Residence.
  • Security and Facility Access Control
  • Cleaning Services and Gardening, and Medical Services to Residents
  • Overall Camp Management