Proven Experience: As a 100% Iraqi owned company, with over $100 million worth of ongoing and completed engineering, construction, telecom, and information technology projects in Iraq, Kufan is an integral part of Iraq’s new era.

Sample Projects in Central Iraq

  • Al Mamoun Exchange
  • Camp Justice
  • NAMAB Fuel Distribution
  • Qadasiyah EOD Compound
  • IZ Health Sciences Academy

Sample Projects in Southern Iraq

  • Al Abass Combined Sanitary Network
  • Bucca Brick Factory
  • Camp Mittica Refurbishment

Kufan’s diverse project management
experience in central Iraq ranges from
trunk pipelines to secure wireless
telecom for Iraq’s Ministry of Interior.

Kufan’s experience in Iraq
enables us to deliver projects
on-time, on-budget, and at low
client risk.

Kufan’s experience in Southern Iraq
includes piping networks, control
systems, and utilities upgrades.

News and Events

Completion of BDSC Sidewalk Path Project

By Maythem Al-Asadi | December 17, 2017 |

The Kufan Group have successfully completed the LSA Sidewalk Path project at the Baghdad Diplomatic…

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Kufan Completed Training Course For 150 Lifting Equipment Operators

By Maythem Al-Asadi | December 14, 2017 |

Kufan Completed the ENKA Training Course for 150 Lifting Equipment Operators in Baghdad, Iraq.

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