Connecting Iraq to the Global Economy

:Our work on the International Zone’s Fiber Network (IZFN) and the Wireless BroadBand Network (WBBN) have improved telecom capacity and digital collaboration capabilities in the IZ – and beyond.

Via the Wireless BroadBand Network, Kufan is interconnecting 42 Baghdad-area Government ministries with secure wireless broadband links.

The WBBN provides voice, data, and video teleconferencing – core foundations for effective and efficient Iraqi governance.

As the prime contractor, Kufan has managed both the project and associated network services – unique capabilities with rapid expansion capacity.

Largest data center in Iraq

To support 1,000 end users with the Ministry of Interior, Kufan is installing the largest data center in Iraq.

The MOI data center project’s IT infrastructure includes multiple secure wireless networks, Microsoft Windows
file and email servers, storage area
networks, adaptive Internet security appliances, and routers and switches.

In addition to IT infrastructure installation, Kufan’s IT team is training MoI personnel – vital services which help enable long-term systems reliability and sustainability.

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