Work Consists of the following :

  • Construction Work of Roads & Parking Lots
  • Construction & Rehabilitation of Warehousing Units (12 Units – Total Area Of 8,200SM)
  • Construction of Container Terminal Area (along with a Container Repair Work Shop)
  • Construction of Trucks Staging Area (Truck Village – Including Accommodation Units for Drivers, Offices for Customs Employees, Offices Of Transportation Companies ..etc)
  • EPC of Accommodation Compound “A” (Shell Village – 40 Suites, Dining Facilities, Offices ..etc)
  • EPC of Main Accommodation Compound “B” (Main Camp – 560 Rooms, Dining Facility, Offices, Clinic ..etc)
  • EPC of Main Gate Entry Control Point & CCTV system on Gate and 8Km of perimeter
  • EPC and Rehabilitation Work Of Tank Farm (Water tanks Capacity 12,000M3)
  • EPC & Rehabilitation Work Of Tank Farm (Fuel Tanks, Capacity 8,000M3)
  • EPC & Rehabilitation Work Of Water Treatment Unit (400M3/Hr)

Presently is operational with 400 Residents, and large daily handling of trucks and various types of material and goods.