The Kufan Group is a leading engineering, construction, ICT and oilfield company headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq.

Welcome to Kufan

As an established, 100% Iraqi-owned company, with a proven history of leadership, innovation, ethics, and high-quality engineering, construction, and technology solutions. The Kufan Group offers you a trusted partner in Iraq’s dynamic environment.

By overcoming what seemed impossible, we have grown – since 2004 – into a leading Iraqi private sector company where complementary capabilities in engineering and construction, information technology services, telecommunications, and oilfield services deliver unique synergies.

As one of the first in a new generation of diversified private sector Iraqi companies, our leadership is providing a model for the private sector, not only in Iraq but throughout the greater Middle East.

Key Reasons for choosing Kufan

Technical / Management Approach

Kufan’s team is focused on constructing robust, durable, and reliable services that will meet current requirements and be flexible enough to meet future needs.  Kufan has a history of delivering construction solutions for Iraq projects requiring diverse technical expertise, innovation, and flexibility. Kufan’s ability to deliver is driven by a disciplined engineering design philosophy – true design and build – that minimizes on-the-fly design while accommodating innovation and flexibility.

Kufan’s Experience

Kufan has proven experience and past performance under Iraq’s array of adverse conditions Kufan’s prime contracting experience includes complex project delivery during conventional Iraq operating conditions and during unique circumstances like the Days of Ashura and Other Shiite Religious Ceremonies.

Kufan’s Security Strategies

Kufan leverages local tribal leader relations to drive local employment – a proven security approach learned and successfully applied repeatedly in Iraq’s dynamic conditions. Kufan ensures security by leveraging relationships with local community leaders, gathering intelligence to identify risks before they become threats, applying structured, repeatable, risk-management processes, and maximizing local labor-force participation to instil a sense of local project ownership.

Kufan’s Past Performance

Kufan has a history of fiscal responsibility and a track record of delivering high-quality design and construction throughout Iraq. Kufan’s conservative fiscal management, outstanding credit, and on-hand financial resources enable Kufan to rapidly marshal project management, engineering and equipment resources – key advantages that contribute to reduced schedule and performance risk.

Kufan design and construct projects using simple, sturdy, high-quality building materials, support systems, and components.

In addition to delivering facilities that will improve client’s operation, Kufan is keenly aware of the capacity development opportunities associated with the project and the opportunities to enhance local stability by ensuring that the community feels a sense of project ownership.

Kufan will ensure that the local community feels invested in the project by leveraging existing relationships with the local community, hiring local subcontractors and labor, and working closely with local officials and personnel.

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