Kufan’s ability to respond to project requirements and manage multiple concurrent construction projects has enabled Kufan to establish capabilities such as supporting infrastructure, and commitment to achieving critical success factors unique to Iraq.

The following points summarize Kufan’s capabilities in supporting infrastructure, and success factors critical to construction in Iraq.

  • Immediate access to talented and capable personnel resources
  • Culturally integrated, process-driven approach quality control
  • Mature database of qualified subcontractors available for support
  • Local knowledge and local tribal leader connections throughout Iraq.
  • Experience with innovative design and construction under austere operating conditions
  • Excellent safety and security record driven by risk management and quality control processes
  • Substantial experience selecting subcontractors and negotiating and awarding multiple subcontracts

As a prime contractor, Kufan performs the majority of project activities. The below table illustrates the proportions of project activities Kufan proposes to carry out and the proportions of activities proposed to be carried out by Kufan’s subcontractors.

Activities, Responsibilities and Proportions of Effort

Type of Activity Responsibility Kufan % Sub %
Contract Administration Kufan 100%
Health Control and Quality Assurance Kufan 100%
Health, Safety, and Environmental Kufan 100%
Architecture and Engineering Design Kufan 100%
General Construction (Civil Work & Electrical) Subcontractors and Kufan 71% 29%
Equipment Sourcing & Components Supply Subcontractors and Kufan 20% 80%
Electrical Installation & Commissioning Subcontractors and Kufan 61% 39%
Security Subcontractors and Kufan 10% 90%
Construction Material Supply Subcontractors and Kufan 10% 90%
Life Support and Catering Subcontractors and Kufan 5% 95%
Logistics and Transportation Subcontractors and Kufan 35% 65%

Kufan anticipates that the workforce distribution and proportions of Kufan personnel and subcontractors will be similar to Kufan’s prior experience in Iraq, where Kufan personnel have performed proportions of project work ranging from 65% to 85%. Kufan will adjust the mix of subcontractor and Kufan personnel.

The manpower management strategy can be described in the following three points:-

  1. Kufan personnel make up the majority of the workforce during the first 30 days as Kufan mobilizes human resources and local subcontractors, procures materials, and arranges logistics and security.
  2. As the project progresses, Kufan personnel and subcontractors make up the workforce, as described in Table 2, and are managed by Kufan’s project manager to ensure full compliance with the Kufan Work Plan.
  3. Near contract completion, Kufan’s personnel again make up a larger proportion of the workforce as Kufan trains operators and works to close out the project.

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