Light Galvanized Steel (LGS) Technology

In early 2015, Kufan Group has invested in The Light Gauge Steel Technology (LGS), using FrameCad Inc, computerized machines. This technology was firstly introduced by Kufan in Southern Iraq. With our long track experience in construction and our trained personnel, this technology has added a great record of success to Kufan in quality and delivery.

The factory can be mobile and could be installed at work site. In Field Fabrication Yard can be useful to reduce transportation costs of fabricated units.

Basic Material Attributes

  • Strong – highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. Meets very tough performance standards.
  • Inorganic – will not rot, warp, split, crack, creep, support mold growth, or be eaten by termites and other insects.
  • Dimensionally stable – does not expand or contract with moisture content.
  • Consistent Material Quality – No regional variance in composition performance. International standards, global requirements.
  • Noncombustible – does not burn and will not contribute fuel to the spread of fire.
  • Earthquake Resistance – Superior seismic performance due to steel’s ductility.

Benefits to Builders and Developer

  • Speed – Faster erection and delivery time Up to 25% faster than wood Up to 50% faster than concrete
  • Weight – Lighter than other framing materials Up to 30% lighter than wood Up to 60% lighter than concrete
  • Scrap – Less scrap and waste
  • Quality – Higher quality offering to the consumer
  • Green – Steel framing is β€œGreen” because it is recycled and recyclable
  • Safer Construction – Lighter material & controlled operations
  • Call-Backs – Straight walls, square corners, fewer call-backs

Benefits to the Customer

  • Mold – Will not host mold
  • Insects – Insect-Proof
  • Indoor Air Quality – Healthy House – no off-gassing, no chemical treatments
  • Safety – Resistant to fire, non-combustible
  • Speed – Faster construction (move in, sell, rent sooner!)
  • Strength – Stronger, Lighter Structure
  • Design Life – Galvanized Steel Protection (50 years +)
  • Maintenance – Less maintenance, less cost
  • Seismic – Safe, Light Weight, Peace of mind


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